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Human Design is a self-awareness tool for achieving greater success and alignment in life. It also gives you the permission to step into your authentic being. 

Over the years I have been using Human Design to dive deep into my own personal design, contemplating life from this new perspective and deconditioning.

I found this knowledge such a profound tool in my life and knew that it had to be shared. I continued further study to become a HD analyst and certified HD reader in order to bring my guidance and wisdom to you.

I layer this with my previous qualifications in teaching, counselling, Reiki, Bush Flower Essences, Aromatherapy and Access Bars. 

It is my hope that unlocking your unique blueprint will bring you closer to living in alignment and remembering that primal magic that is inside of you. 

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You have downloaded your bodygraph, it doesn't make much sense but you want to know more...

We all start out feeling confused! Wondering what you're looking at let alone how to get any meaningful insight.

The first thing I recommend is to understand the basics- your HD energy type, strategy, authority and profile. Experimenting with these foundations in your life are the first step to embodying the person you were born to be.

My foundation report ($20AUD) will cover all of this for your unique design in 35+ pages.

The next step is to book a 1:1 Human Design Coaching session where we can dive much deeper into the bodygraph and look into how particular gates, channels, astrology placement and your gene keys are activated and interacting with each other.


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Transit Chart

Ever blamed your bad day on one of the planets (poor Mercury) or the moon?

Ever wondered why some days you feel invincible and others you hardly have the energy to get out of bed?

The planets are constantly moving through the zodiac and activating different HD gates in our charts collectively. This can change the definition in our personal bodygraph.

The planets, sun and moon all move at different speeds, so transits can have a different effect on your bodygraph each day.

Find out what effect they have on you by downloading the transit chart for today. Next, overlay your personal HD bodygraph with the current transits to see how it changes your design. 


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