A human design chart is calculated by determining the exact placement of the sun, moon and planets when you were born. Complete the details below for yourself (and loved ones) to generate your bodygraph and begin piecing together the unique story of you.

You have downloaded your bodygraph, it doesn't make much sense but you want to know more...

We all start out feeling confused! Wondering what you're looking at let alone how to get any meaningful insight.

The first thing I recommend is to understand the basics- your HD energy type, strategy, authority and profile. Experimenting with these foundations in your life are the first step to embodying the person you were born to be.

My foundation report ($20AUD) will cover all of this for your unique design in 35+ pages. Simply enter your birth details above and download your report.

The next step is to book a 1:1 Human Design Coaching session where we can dive much deeper into your bodygraph and look into how particular gates, channels, astrology placement and your gene keys are activated and interacting with each other.

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