How I Got Hooked On Oils


...having never used an essential oil for the first 34 years of my life! 

It's early 2015, I am sitting at home on the couch feeling completely overwhelmed and powerless. I have a newborn in my arms and I have just been told that I have Hashimotos. I was given a prescription, told it was an autoimmune condition and that I should expect that my body will probably be subject to more of these over the coming years as I already had autoimmune problems (pernicious anemia).

-cue the google search to find out what Hashimotos is 

By a stroke of luck, the universe leapt in and I stumbled across an online wellness summit. The speakers unlocked my mind- meditation, food, sleep, the power of the mind, hidden toxins....and then the last module, essential oils. I almost turned it off. "Oh sure, essential oils. Fragrances that make things smell nice."

"I already know that."

(Those last four words are the most damaging!)

Luckily the speaker was amazing and grabbed my attention before I could hit the close button. I ended up watching stunned the whole way through. 

Next, I start investigating the history, purposes, uses and safety of essential oils. Why had no one told me about them before? I researched how to test their purity and found a reputable company that aligned with my beliefs- doTERRA.

I get my first starter kit

I sat with a lady who could tell me about doTERRA and let me smell her oils. I am a bit skeptical that these brown bottles can do all the things she's telling me, but I am ready to buy a couple with the intention of making my own cleaning products. 

When they arrive I start diffusing them, I create my own roller blends for the family (which work like magic) and I get carried away replacing all of our store-bought toxic products with homemade DIY. From handwash and nappy wipes to skincare and a balm for nappy rash. I loved creating natural products and best of all, they worked and didn't set off my allergies. 


"I have been creating with doTERRA essential oils and using them every day since the purple box was delivered in 2015"


Since that day I have been telling people about the magic of pure essential oils.  I wish that someone would have told me about them earlier, I mean they have been around for over 5000 years and it takes me till my 30's to use them!

They are a normal part of life for my family and I contribute a lot of my health improvements to them. I have a vision that every home will have its own healer, armed with essential oils, who listens to their inner knowing to support their loved ones too.


"I can't imagine my life without essential oils. They have played a huge role in turning around my health and living toxin free...and yes, they do smell nice too."