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This might be your first experience with essential oils or maybe you've used them before. You may be searching for a natural solution to an ongoing problem, thinking about reducing the toxins in your home, need something to make the house smell nice- or maybe you have heard about doTERRA and you want to find out more.

As you scroll down the page you will notice a number of short videos. I would love to chat all things oils with you face to face- This is the next best thing to that.

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My journey with wellness, health and essential oils

How I got hooked

I had never used an essential oil (or heard of them!) for the first 34 years of my life. But this is why I started.

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What can I do with essential oils?


The short answer is A LOT!

I like to compare appreciating oils to appreciating nature. We all like to interact with nature differently. Some people love to hike for hours, surf, or swim in fresh water, others enjoy being in their garden or taking a stroll or just sitting and watching.

Essential oils are the same - you do whatever feels right for YOU!

Below are four ways to receive the benefits of doTERRA essential oils. Consider which might appeal to you.

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4 ways to use essential oils in your home


(on your skin)

Essential oils are diluted with a carrier oil (such as almond or jojoba oil) and applied directly to the skin.

They can be used for a localised effect such as soothing muscles after exercise. 

Studies have shown that essential oils, once absorbed into the skin, can cross into the bloodstream providing benefits directly to your body.

Relief can come within seconds and last for hours, just remember to dilute and keep away from sensitive skin.

Essential oils are applied to the site of concern- otherwise feet, spine and pulse points are recommended. 


(breathing in)

Our sense of smell is a powerful tool that significantly influences the way we experience life.

Using the power of aroma to create a relaxing, uplifting, calming, grounding or energising environment based on your needs in that moment is certainly appealing!

The potent aroma is also used to freshen and purify the air.

You can experience their aroma by breathing in an essential oil directly, or by adding a few drops to your diffuser.

This is a fast and convenient way to experience the power of essential oils - especially when you are starting out. 


(In cooking)

Incorporate doTERRA essential oils into your cooking to enhance flavour.

Because of the high concentration, a little goes a long way, so start with a single drop or 'toothpick swirl'. 

Always check the bottle for directions on use, as some essential oils are not safe to consume.

doTERRA essential oils have been tested by a third party as being safe for consumption. However, it is a personal preference and if you do not want to use them in this way there are still many ways to enjoy and benefit from doTERRA. 

Natural DIY

(Make it YOURSELF)

Handmade skincare, body, bath and cleaning products.

DIY allows you to make toxin free alternatives for you and your family using essential oils and natural ingredients.

You still receive the benefits of the essential oils, you know exactly what is in your there and save money while reducing your toxic load. 

Creating and selling natural remedies, skincare and home products has been my business since 2017. If you want to detox your lifestyle- THIS is the key!

Follow along with my online self-paced DIY courses and become the alchemist in your home.

Everyone starts off as a beginner and remains a learner

Changing your lifestyle, finding natural solutions and becoming the healer in your home is an ongoing process.

Our community is always learning.

It is a way of life.

I'm ready to start

Dive into history

I find history and knowledge fascinating! Let me share a little of what I have found interesting about the earliest recorded use of essential oils. 

Yes please!

3 things to consider when buying essential oils

cost | purity | education





The cost of an essential oil is dependent on the amount of matter needed and the extraction process.

For example, doTERRA need about 75 lemons to produce enough oil to fill a  15ml bottle of lemon essential oil. Lemons are easy to source and the extraction process is simple.

Rose essential oil on the other hand is labor-intensive. It takes 10,000 freshly picked rose blossoms to produce 5ml of pure essential oil. Because the petals are so delicate, the distillation process must happen on the same day they are harvested.

Knowing this, it makes you wonder what is in that 5ml bottle of 'pure rose' essential oil selling for $30 at the store.....





It is estimated that 80% of essential oils on the market are NOT pure, often containing fragrance or other natural or synthetic component, which lowers the quality and effectiveness. 

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, but this is still a highly unregulated industry. With so many companies claiming to have 'pure' essential oils how can you tell if yours are safe and effective?

  • Sustainable & responsible sourcing (The quality of your oil starts with where it was sourced and how it was harvested)
  • Extensive testing and transparency (Every doTERRA bottle has a Quality ID and you can use this to access test results for your batch)
doTERRA's sourcing model





You can buy essential oils anywhere these days. Most don't come with any information on usage, safety, dilution or application.

Where there is no education those essential oils sit unused in a box. This is my pet hate! I aim to empower you to feel confident and comfortable with your oil collection.

The benefit of purchasing your essential oils through a doTERRA wellness advocate, like myself, is that you have access to education, a mentor and a community of likeminded folk. You become part of a team who are all learning and sharing together.

The good news is there is no wrong way to start


Just begin.


The thing I hear most often in our community is a wish they had started sooner, myself included!

How can I get started?